We are dedicated to education in the art and science of barbering. Learn from the best leaders in the trade!

Why become a licensed professional barber?

If you are looking for a career that thrives even during economic downturns, look to the hair industry, specifically the barbering industry. According to CNN, the industry is the “closest thing to recession-proof.” During the last recession, data from the U.S. Census recorded a spike of 11% between 2007 and 2009. The Bureau of Labor & Statistics (BLS) Job Growth Outlook for Barbers is 10% faster than the average occupation in the United States. The reason is simple—people have a wide variety of occasions for which they need or want haircuts. Some examples of these occasions include dating, job interviews, formal proceedings such as court dates, military regulations, weddings and other special events, personal lifestyle, fashion trends, business appearances and, above all, looking sharp for everyday photographs that nowadays are surely to land on social media and published to the world.

With a steady demand for barbers in our national economy, and increasingly in Hampton Roads, the average American barber earns $24,300 per year to start. At The Parlor Barbershop, barbers earn an average of $37,500 per year from commissions and tips. Some of our highest paid members earned over $65,000 a year, and with the help of our supporting network, they received assistance towards becoming barbershop managers and even owners! How they did it? They joined The Parlor team.

Why Join The Parlor University of Barbers?

The Parlor University of Barbers is a state-approved and licensed institution. We have a selective admissions process to ensure we admit only the most motivated talent in Hampton Roads. Our training program is exclusively reserved for highly inspired individuals committed to learning and developing both their professional and personal lives.

We keep it exclusive, which means you get more attention, time, and advice. We keep practical training to small size classes with 1-on-1 support. This approach ensures our curriculum stays current, incorporating the most advanced techniques with highest quality equipment. Our efforts in training students to a professional standard of barbering is of distinction.

At The Parlor University of Barbers, you receive the education and training of a high quality barber, capable of hitting the market with all the necessary tools and skills to become a top-earning professional. Jay R, our resident Master Barber and instructor, works with each individual student to complete the curriculum, hours, and performance requirements to become eligible for the Virginia state licensing test. Jay R not only teaches you the essential material to pass the state board examination, but ensures you master the techniques used during real day-to-day barbering. For this reason, we co-located a 5-star rated barbershop with licensed professionals within our 3,000 square feet location. In addition to the curriculum, students learn and experience real day-to-day operations of a barbershop. They gain vital experience in client consultations, managing walk-ins and appointment visitors, customer interactions and greetings, Point of Sales (POS) transactions, retail sales, business opening and closing procedures, and learn the best practices in barbershop operations.

Our long-term goal is to continue working with each graduate student even after program completion. Depending on availability, we can offer job placement at one of our barbershop locations or connect you with our network and assist you in finding a reputable barbershop in Hampton Roads.