Mission & Objectives


The Parlor University of Barbers mission is to provide unmatched barbering education to all who aspire joining the barbering profession. We not only offer the essential tools of the art and science of barbering, but also promote leadership traits and values that will empower students to excel in their careers. Our goal is to revolutionize barbering education by delivering unmatched, superior education and service to all our students and alumni.


Our ultimate goal is to prepare students for the Virginia licensing examination and achieve at least a 90-percent student graduation rate and a 95-percent student certification and licensing rate. We strive to graduate the most highly qualified, professional, and skilled barbers in a deliberate effort to enhance the quality of barbering services to valued customers and patrons. Additionally, we encourage the following objectives for our students:
• Develop superior grooming and personal hygiene practices
• Encourage students to be upstanding, responsible citizens of high character
• The ability to wisely select, care for, and properly use professional products related to the industry
• Develop good of habits of workmanship, teamwork, time management, and the orderly performance of various tasks
• Develop proficiency in manipulative skills
• Develop habits of performance and consideration that ensure the safety of the patron and the barber
• Develop professional ethics, worth of public confidence, acceptance, and respect
• Develop a pleasing personality and learn business ethics that are necessary to communicate effectively with customers, staff, and fellow students
• Empower students to be leaders and life-long learners who advance the art and science of our trade