5 Step Admission Process

The Parlor University Of Barbers 5 Step Admission Process

Our admission process allows you to apply for admission, schedule site visits, request transfer credit evaluations, apply for student financial packages, and complete the final enrollment agreement. To better assist our future students, applicants can download and can complete the admission form from our website.

Step I: Complete and submit Admission form with copies of two government issued IDs. If applicable, provide Transfer of Credit form and a copy of your most recent credit report from Annual Credit Report and/or schedule a site visit.

Step II:Complete Financial Assistances forms and receive your financing options. Upon accepting our financial terms and conditions you may proceed to the next step.

Step III: Submit Statement of General Health.

Step IV: Finalize Enrollment Agreement and sign the Student Rules & Regulations (SRR) Handbook. If applicable, finalize Student Loan Contract.

Processing Fee: Upon successfully presenting all required documents, students will be admitted. A $100.00 processing fee will be charged.

Step V: Course Registration. Applicants who successfully completed the admission process are now eligible to select an initial course date or be placed on a waiting list.